Welcome to the Zolt donate-a-book campaign!

At Zolt, we care deeply about reading. We believe that when you read, you open yourself up to new ideas,new experiences and new perspectives. This is why we do what we do – by finding the best stories and summarizing them for you, we enable you to read more and read better.

Unfortunately, there are still many in our world who do not have the luxury of reading. This is because they lack access to quality education. Can you imagine the disadvantages you would face if you had to go through life without knowing how to read?

We at Zolt strongly believe that education is the only long term solution to many of the world’s problems. To this end, we have tied up with the Donate-a-book campaign to do our bit towards empowering the less fortunate.

For every two of your friends who download our app, Zolt pledges to donate one book to the Donate-a-book

The Donate-a-book campaign is spearheaded by Pratham Books, a UNICEF endorsed non-profit organization that does excellent work educating children in India, where there are over 287 million illiterate individuals.

If you enjoy using Zolt and would like to be a part of our campaign to help educate children, please take a moment to share our app with your friends. You can get your unique code from within the app, under “Settings” () for iOS and in "Categories" () for Android.

Thank you!