We got tired of Digging through the News, so we created Zolt

Zolt News

What’s the easiest way to stay on point with the latest happenings in the world? Perhaps you could read through the 1,000-word articles in the morning paper or maybe you can sift through your social media feed, separating the news from the cat pictures. But, an easier way would be to read news summaries via Zolt app.

That is the entire idea behind Zolt, a news summarizer app that brings you the latest news stories in a concise, easy-to-read format. Skimming through the articles can be redefined with Zolt; swipe through the top stories during your lunch break to find out about the day’s most important news stories. Take a quick look through your personalised feed to find news that matters to you. With Zolt’s article summaries, staying updated is literally a matter of a few swipes.

It was launched in March 2016 and since then Zolt has been featured on TechCrunch and has been widely accepted by thousands from across the globe; news junkies and casual article readers alike.

Get Zolt today to get the news you want, without the unwanted noise.

We want to dedicate this post to our early adopters and friends joining us. Thank you for supporting us, we will do everything possible, including walking on hot coals, to make sure you stay updated faster than ever possible before.

The news is social, so are we. Talk to us @ZoltApp. We’d love to hear from you until then keep Zolting!