From the founder’s desk: Rush introduces Shush

We don’t enjoy the status quo, we’re constantly evolving and that’s why we’re introducing Shush.

All news is important – at Zolt, we truly believe that. However, we also accept that sometimes, news feeds do tend to get hijacked by a singular personality. This can get quite frustrating to stay the least. With Zolt, you could always block unwanted noise and personalize your news by selecting specific categories; we’re now taking this a step further. Introducing Shush, which allows you to you get rid of three very specific individuals from your personalized news feed.

Whether it’s Trump offending someone (again), Hillary changing her opinion like the wind or Kim posting topless pictures of herself on Instagram, all three members of the inaugural Zolt #ShushList have done plenty to earn their spot. Every month we will revisit and add to our #ShushList based on popular demand and egregious behaviour.

Here’s a glimpse of how to #Shush the noise with Zolt:

Shush the Noise Feature

Here’s a perspective – Bill Gates, who has arguably done more for the world through his technology and philanthropy than anyone before him has 29 million twitter followers. Kim Kardashian who has one sex tape and a reality TV show to her name has 46 million twitter followers. Humanity is better than this.

So join us, take control of your news feed: #ShushTheNoise by selecting #ShushTrump, #ShushHillary or #ShushKim (or all three).

We want to dedicate our Shush the noise feature to our users. Thank you for supporting us.

Tweet us using #ShushTheNoise and tell us what you think about this feature.

Until next time, keep Zolting.

*The Shush the Noise feature is currently only on iPhone, launching on Android shortly.